Cambridge Art Association, Member Spotlight on Me

The Cambridge Art Association regularly spotlights a member artist. I am thrilled to be their choice for July 4th! In the past seven months, my collages have been selected for three different juried exhibits at the two Cambridge Art Association galleries.  Currently, my collage, "Fading Light, Safe Harbor," which is part of my Japan Series is on show at the Kathryn Schultz Gallery, and "The Rock Garden" is displayed at their non-juried exhibit, "Still Life: Captured Moments" at their University Place Gallery. Click here for the link to the member spotlight piece about me.

Brett_Fading Light, Safe Harbor.jpg

My Second Juried Show at Cambridge Art Association-Lost and Found

I am pleased to report fhat I was accepted into my second juried show of the year at Cambridge Art Association's "Lost and Found" exhibit at the Kathryn Schultz Gallery during April 2018. My collage, "Finding One's Style," is another piece from my Japan series. This one shows women and girls showing off their unique fashion sense.

Finding Ones Style.jpg

Cambridge Art Association 2018 Member Prize Show

I was thrilled to be accepted into Cambridge Art Association's 2018 Member Prize juried show, with the exhibit at their University Place Gallery in Harvard Square, Cambridge. I submitted a paper collage from my Japanese series, called "Ryokan." I wanted to capture the architecture and spirit of a Japanese inn, with its geometry, view to nature, and aesthetic details. The opening was held on Friday, February 9th.

Ryokan (8"x 8")

Solo Show at Healthworks in Porter Square, Cambridge, MA

From mid-September to mid-October, my gym, Healthworks, will be displaying my collages and watercolor paintings. The exhibit is on two walls of the stairwell. The first wall I have titled "Skyscapes," and it will show seven watercolors that emphasize interesting skies and cloud formations.

 Awash with Light (watercolor)

Awash with Light (watercolor)

The second wall I call "Cityscapes." It features predominately paper collages depicting different cities and city views and two watercolors. The exhibit is only open to Healthworks members unless I accompany you, so contact me if you wish to see the exhibit.

The City that Never Sleeps.jpg



Summertime Exhibits in Cambridge and Concord

In addition to a watercolor in the CVS window, I currently have four works on display: two watercolors at the O'Neill Library in Cambridge, one watercolor in the Cambridge Art Association's 'Scapes show at the University Place Gallery in Cambridge, and one collage in the Student-Teacher Show at the Concord Art Association.

 Pathway to the Sky, Watercolor in the 'Scapes show

Pathway to the Sky, Watercolor in the 'Scapes show

Two NoCA Group Shows

I have a watercolor (Super Moon) in the NoCA 20th Anniversary show at Cadbury Commons in Cambridge and a collage in NoCA's show at the O'Neill Library in preparation for Cambridge Open Studios. I am pleased to report that a resident of Cadbury Commons bought my painting and showed me where she was going to hang it!

Emerging Artists Show at Three Stones Gallery

I am thrilled have two of my collages (Ode to Prague and Patchwork City II) in a juried show of emerging artists at Three Stones Gallery in West Concord, MA through March 10. The reception on January 21 was packed!

November in the CVS Window

This watercolor is part of my Central Park series. It is probably the most abstract of my park paintings although a viewer can still see that this is a painting about autumn. My goal was to use a "glazing" technique, in which I layer colors after each previous color has dried. The transparency of watercolor paint highlights all the layers.

 "View over the Park (Fall)"

"View over the Park (Fall)"

NoCa Show at the O'Neill Library in Cambridge

Members of NoCA have an exhibit up in the foyer of the O'Neill Library in North Cambridge, as a way of promoting their work and their upcoming winter show. I have two pieces (below), a collage and a watercolor both based on the same photo of Central Park in fall.

 Watercolor: "I Recall (Central Park in Fall)"

Watercolor: "I Recall (Central Park in Fall)"

Note that I used similar elements in each--the buildings in the background, the stone bridge (although with a different placement), the water, the red tree in the foreground. In the collage, I populated the park with two people enjoying the view from their Adirondack chairs, adding a more playful feel.

 Collage: "Autumn Serenade"

Collage: "Autumn Serenade"

Teaching Collage to NoCa Members

In October 2016, I gave a short collage workshop as part of the October NoCa (North Cambridge Arts) meeting. The focus of the workshop was creating collages based on an image (a photo, a painting, or even a dream) that members could provide themselves. I showed examples from my own work, which is often inspired by photos (my own and others), offered a few pointers on putting together a collage, and provided a lot of materials: small canvas boards, scissors, glue sticks, old magazines, brochures, and decorative papers. Participants had just one hour. As is usual at NoCa workshops, they became engrossed in their work and produced some interesting products.

 I show examples of my work. (Photo by John Heymann)

I show examples of my work. (Photo by John Heymann)

 Two NoCa members select images to cut up for their collages.

Two NoCa members select images to cut up for their collages.

 NoCa members hard at work!

NoCa members hard at work!

My Upcoming Exhibit and June 17 Reception at Cambridge Health Associates

From June 15th to September 6th, I am excited to report that I will be exhibiting my work in a show titled, "From the Observed to the Imagined: A Triptych of Photographs, Watercolors, and Collages." The show will take place at the Cambridge Health Associates (CHA) at 335 Broadway in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

As with my previous show at Healthworks, I will organize my work around themes with a focus on summer, water, flowers and landscape, light, and place in keeping with the season. The "Triptych" of the show's title refers not only to my three media by is aldo a play on the word "triptik," which conjures up visions of travel. CHA has provided me with a generous amount of wall space on two levels, so I hope to exhibit about two dozen pieces. The works are for sale.

I will hold a reception on Friday, June 17th, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. In addition to the exhibited work, I will have a portfolio of other work available at reduced prices. Everyone is welcome. There is parking in the back for non-Cambridge residents. I look forward to seeing you.

Travels to Berlin in April

The East Side Gallery in Berlin is a moving artistic tribute to all those who endured the hardships of the Berlin Wall, died trying to escape, or offered their hope and sympathy. Several dozen murals have been painted on one of the longest still existing pieces of the Wall. Below are sections of two of the murals, which are protected from graffiti by a fence. Berliners love tagging!

East Side Gallery, Multiple Faces.jpg

March in the CVS Window

I am aiming for twelve consecutive months in the CVS window in Porter Square, Cambridge, as part of North Cambridge Art Association's (NOCA) group showing. This month's image is "A Good Day at Good Harbor." I did this painting more than a year ago, and I believe my style has evolved somewhat since then. I like the bright bursts of orange.

My "Trios" Exhibit at Healthworks in Porter Square, Cambridge, MA

Coral Playground.jpg
Exploring Below.jpg

I am showing 18 artworks at the Healthworks gym in Cambridge, MA through March 26. I call my exhibit “Trios” because I am showing my work in groups of three by a common theme, each theme represented by a photograph, a watercolor, and a collage. 


There are six themes:  snow, rooftops, light and shadow, the beach, underwater, and the shoreline.  The images in each theme are not meant to mimic each other but rather to capture some essence of the overall idea and to contain one or more key elements that help to unify the group of images (e.g., a specific image, a color, overall composition.) In some cases, the theme was inspired by a photograph I had taken; in others, a collage or painting I had made. Healthworks is a members only venue, but you can see my show if I accompany you. I have been a member of Healthworks for almost 29 years!

Seascape, Waikiki.jpg