Collages Inspired by My Novel, Gina in the Floating World

During the month of December, 2018, a set of seven collages inspired by my recently published novel, Gina in the Floating World (She Writes Press), will be on display at Cadbury Commons in North Cambridge, MA as part of the NoCA winter gallery show. The novel, set in 1981 Japan, is about a naive, but ambitious Midwesterner who goes to Tokyo for a bank internship, takes an evening job as a bar hostess to support herself, and travels down a darker road. The collages capture some of the settings described in the story, and each is accompanied by an appropriate quote from the book. You can see more of my images by going to my Japan Series page on this website. They are not currently for sale, but if you are interested in eventually purchasing one, please contact me. The book is available at some local bookstores and on Amazon. You can find out more on my writing website.

NoCA winter show, Belle Brett collages