My "Trios" Exhibit at Healthworks in Porter Square, Cambridge, MA

Coral Playground.jpg
Exploring Below.jpg

I am showing 18 artworks at the Healthworks gym in Cambridge, MA through March 26. I call my exhibit “Trios” because I am showing my work in groups of three by a common theme, each theme represented by a photograph, a watercolor, and a collage. 


There are six themes:  snow, rooftops, light and shadow, the beach, underwater, and the shoreline.  The images in each theme are not meant to mimic each other but rather to capture some essence of the overall idea and to contain one or more key elements that help to unify the group of images (e.g., a specific image, a color, overall composition.) In some cases, the theme was inspired by a photograph I had taken; in others, a collage or painting I had made. Healthworks is a members only venue, but you can see my show if I accompany you. I have been a member of Healthworks for almost 29 years!

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